Virtual Reality

I have played around a couple virtual reality headsets:

Sony’s Playstation VR headset – requires connection to a Playstation 4, the resolution of the image is quite low and it becomes hard to read text. After a awhile, depending on the experience / game it can bring on motion sickness after 20 – 30 minutes or so of constant use in a non-grounded environment. e.g In space jumping from planet to planet, where your horizon isn’t leveled how it would normally be.

However the immersion level is a step up from viewing on a 2d screen.

Oculus Quest – A standalone VR headset which doesn’t require a connection to any device. This is a newer VR headset and has a better screen resolution comapred with Sony’s Playstation VR headset. The self contained unit is handy and mobile, and relatively easy to draw out your play area, the games feel more responsive and immersive. The graphics are s not on the same level as a latest gen console or PC but I felt the motion sickness less which the better head tracking and enhanced display could be responsible for.

Overall VR headsets need “killer apps” to drive adoption, with Valve’s up and coming Half Life Aylx game coming out soon, we will see if this will help drive this User adoption.

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