Online Games and Learning

I played MicroParasites2D on the National Museum of Scotland website, the games takes the player through the evolution and spread of the malaria parasite within the body. You play as the drug which is set to come to the rescue!

Playing the game was interesting as you tackle bigger and more experiences foes – as the parasite evolves over the course of time, the player gets to see each stages as they defeat the parasites and their journal is updated explaining the growth and multiplication of the cells.

Games are a massive learning tool as the hands on interaction keeps the player engaged, games, or even simulations are used in many professions where it is cheaper, safer and effective to train individuals via simulation than it is the real thing (flight, driving, medical, etc). The advancement of games and simulations are only getting better over time and enable individuals to train and learn in an area which, financially may be out of their reach.

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